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Board of Directors


Chairman Ala’a Eraiqat


External Appointments:

  • Board Member – Abu Dhabi Chamber
  • Chairman – Abu Dhabi Chamber Audit & Compliance Committee
  • Board Member – Abu Dhabi National Hotels PJSC (ADNH)

Ala'a Eraiqat joined ADCB in January 2004 and held various senior posts before assuming the post as Chief Executive Officer in February 2009. He has been a banker since 1991 and previously held senior positions at Citibank and Standard Chartered Bank, among others.

His responsibilities extend to being Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Hilal Bank and chairing the following subsidiaries and committees of ADCB, amongst others; Abu Dhabi Commercial Properties, Abu Dhabi Commercial Engineering Services, the ADCB Management Executive Committee and the ADCB Management Credit Committee.

5 Board of Director SAOUD AL JASSEM 310x190

Director Saoud Al Jassem

5 Board of Director SAOUD AL JASSEM 310x190

Saoud Al Jassem was appointed to join the Board of Directors of Al Hilal Bank in February 2019 and was elected by the shareholders as Chairman of Al Hilal Bank Kazakhstan. Saoud has over 17 years of experience in Corporate Banking, Wealth Management, Trade Finance and Internal Audit. Saoud has been employed by ADCB since June 2013. He currently leads the development of ADCB’s relationship with the various local and federal governments in UAE for all their banking services and funding requirements as Head of Government Banking. Prior to this role, he managed government banking in Dubai & Northern Emirates as well as heading Strategic Accounts within Transaction Banking in the region. Previously, at Emirates NBD, he was part of Wealth Management and Client Relationship Management. He also held various positions at Standard Chartered Bank within the Global Internal Audit

Department in MENA/SA as well as Global Corporate where he started his career and spent over seven years in various assignments. Saoud holds a Master of Business Administration Degree from London Business School (UK) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA.


Director Mohammed Al Jayyash


Mohammed Al Jayyash was appointed as ADCB's Acting Group Chief Operations Officer in 2019 and was confirmed in 2020. He has held senior operational management positions at ADCB, including Group Chief Service Officer and Branch Operations Manager. He holds Board seats with several ADCB subsidiary companies and is the Chairman of ITMAM Services LLC, and Vice-Chairman of Abu Dhabi Commercial Engineering Services LLC and Abu Dhabi Commercial Properties LLC. He is the Chairman of Emirates Digital Wallet and a Board Member of Al Hilal Bank PJSC. A leader with over 15 years' experience in improving customer experience, ensuring regulatory compliance and delivering capabilities for growth, he has deep experience in banking operations, the customer journey and experience, and digital channels.

Mohammed holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Al Ghurair University in the United Arab Emirates, a Post Graduate Certificate in Management at Ashridge Executive Education HULT in the United Kingdom and a Diploma in Banking from the Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies.


Director Kevin Taylor


Kevin was appointed as a Board Director at Al Hilal Bank in 2019.

Kevin Taylor had joined ADCB in 2009 and had held the position of Group Treasurer until his departure from ADCB in 2022. He has held significant treasury and risk positions in global organisations such as ALICO, Citigroup, Westpac Bank and Merrill Lynch. At ADCB, he was responsible for FX trading and sales, derivative trading and sales, fixed income and investments personnel and the balance sheet analytics teams. Kevin has more than 30 years of global experience in banking and finance.

Kevin holds an MBA from Macquarie University in Australia and a Master of Science in Risk Management from the Stern School of Business, New York University.


Director Deepak Khullar


Deepak Khullar was appointed Group Chief Financial Officer in 2008. In this role, Deepak oversees the Group Finance function (Financial Planning, Business Performance, Governance & Reporting), Investor Relations, Taxation, Economics, Group Strategy, Strategic Sourcing and Procurement. In 2021, he also took over the responsibility for the Bank’s overall ESG strategy and delivery. He previously spent 15 years with Standard Chartered Bank in the Middle East and in Korea in a variety of senior positions. Prior to that, he worked for 12 years with Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers in their assurance, advisory and technical services and training practices in the Middle East and India. Deepak is an alumnus of the University of Delhi, an Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, and an Associate Member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers (UK).

Deepak was appointed as a Board Director of Al Hilal Bank in 2019.

Role of the Board

The Board of Directors (the "Board") is the Bank's principal decision-making forum. It has overall responsibility for leading, supervising and controlling the Bank and is accountable to the shareholders for creating and delivering sustainable shareholder value through its guidance and supervision of the Bank's business. In particular, it sets the goals, strategies and policies of the Bank. The Board monitors the performance of the Bank's businesses and guides and supervises the Bank's management.

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Following its acquisition by ADCB in 2019, the Bank operates as a separate Islamic bank wholly-owned by ADCB. This unique corporate structure presents the Bank with various opportunities to benefit from the policies and business support of its parent, ADCB Group.

The Bank’s strategy is to focus on digital retail business. To build on this strategy, its corporate book was transferred to ADCB Group, with the consent of the UAE Central Bank, in 2019. This transfer significantly reduced the complexity of the ADCB’s business operations, and has also provided opportunities for the Bank to operate under a streamlined governance structure.

Board Secretariat

ADCB's Board Secretariat function acts as an interface between the Board and management. As well as acting as administrator for the Board's activities, the Board Secretariat works closely with both the Board and the management to facilitate communication and transparency. The Board Secretariat assists the management by helping them to understand the requirements and directions of the Board and proactively facilitates the governance of the Bank. To facilitate this role, the Board Secretariat has full visibility of all management committees and activities. The function is both administrative and strategic.

Information Dissemination

ADCB’s Board Secretariat function delivers Board papers to the Board by means of a secure iPad application. The Board iPad application is also used to provide Directors with access to other relevant information.

Board papers are delivered at least 3 business days before each Board meeting. ADCB’s Board Secretariat function actively engages with the Chairman and management to ensure that agendas are appropriate and meetings are effective.

Board Composition and Remuneration

The Bank’s Board entirely comprises senior executives of ADCB who collectively have diverse skills and experience, including in retail banking, treasury, risk, finance, operations and customer service.

ADCB employees who are also appointees to the Group subsidiaries’ boards do not receive board remuneration for such roles.

The day to day management of the Bank has been delegated by the Board to the CEO and the senior management team, subject to ADCB oversight, while respecting the independent legal and governance responsibility that might apply to the Bank. The CEO and his senior management team are responsible for controlling and monitoring the Bank's business on a day to day basis, recommending strategy to the Board, managing the Bank's staff and implementing the Board's strategic and operational decisions.

Board Oversight of Risk Management & Compliance

The Bank’s Board is responsible for setting the Bank’s risk appetite and risk management framework, subject to ADCB oversight, while respecting the independent legal and governance responsibility that might apply to the Bank. The Board regularly monitors the risks inherent in the Bank’s businesses including credit, market, liquidity, regulatory, reputational, strategic and operational risks. The risk management framework is periodically reviewed and updated to reflect changes in the Bank’s strategy, economic environment and regulatory changes.

Shariah Rules and Principles

The Internal Shariah Supervision Committee (ISSC), supported by the Internal Shariah Control Division and Internal Shariah Audit Division are responsible for ensuring that all of Al Hilal Bank’s products and services comply with Shariah principles.

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