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AccountsDiscover an account that suits you perfectly

Helping you manage your money your way.

CardsThe cashless society in the palm of your hand

Some things say more about you than cash ever can

FinanceFunding for the lifestyle you deserve

Affording you the facility to plan your spending

Wealth ManagementWe never lose sight of the big picture.

Whilst you manage your money, let us manage your wealth.

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Savings Account Winner of AED 1 Million

Congratulations to Amna A Aldhaheri

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Savings Account Winner of AED 1000

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At your service

Peace of mind, round the clock.

Get secured real-time access to your accounts and transactions, along with other unique features that are constantly added.

The simplicity of banking at your fingertips

Enjoy the convenience of having your account information at your fingertips with SMS Banking.

Convenience just a call away.

Our phone banking facility puts you in control, so that you are just a phone call away from your banking needs.

We’re closer than you think

To keep you closer to your money we keep close to our customers. Find your nearest branch now.

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