Credit and Debit Cards Tips

Debit and credit cards for your accounts are integral to everyday banking. At Al Hilal Bank, we take the safety and security of our customers’ accounts very seriously. Here are a few ‘Dos and Don’ts’ to help you avoid debit and credit card fraud. We want you to enjoy a safe and secure banking experience.


  • Upon receiving your Al Hilal Bank Welcome Kit, ensure that the envelope is sealed. If there is any hint of tampering, contact the bank immediately.
  • Immediately sign on the reverse of your card.
  • Change the PIN of the card after receiving it. Ideally, you should change your PIN every six months for complete protection. It is also advisable to change your PIN after an overseas trip.
  • Keep your cards somewhere safe. In the case of loss or theft, immediately inform the bank.
  • After receiving a new or upgraded card, discard the old one by cutting it diagonally.
  • Try and memorise your PIN instead of writing it anywhere.
  • Be careful when entering your PIN at an ATM or card machine. Cover the PIN pad you’re your hand before typing the PIN.
  • Update your email address and phone number for constant alerts on any card activity. Keep an eye on your transactions and purchases, and report any unusual transactions to the bank immediately.
  • Make sure that you have the 3D Secure for your cards, in the form of Verified by Visa or Mastercard Secure Code. 
  • Always check the URL of a website to make sure that it has sufficient security in place before making a payment. You can do a quick check by making sure there is a padlock icon (https://show lock symbol) on your browser. This symbol indicates that the website is using an encryption technology while transmitting sensitive data. If you click on the lock, you can view the digital certificate and other security details related to the website. Proceed only if such verification is available.
  • Check to see if the URL of a website displays the IP address or numerical address instead of a domain name. Be wary of such sites as they are more likely to not be genuine.


  • Share details such as a copy of the front and back of your card. Remember that Al Hilal Bank will never ask you for such details.
  • Never hand your card to anyone claiming to be a bank representative.
  • Never share your card details, like card number, expiry date, CVV, PIN or OTP with anyone, even those claiming to be bank officials.
  • Do not saving your card details on online merchant websites.
  • Never enter your details on emails with input fields asking for your card details, ATM PIN, CVV, etc.
  • Avoid using your cards on unauthorised payment gateways, such as those of gaming websites, lottery or gambling sites.
  • Never sign a blank application form with the promise that it will be completed later by the bank representative.

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