Social Network Fraud

What is social media fraud?

In this type of fraud, scammers gather personal information from social media feeds and networking sites to impersonate their victims through identity theft.

How it happens

  • Step 1

Fraudsters use fake identities on social media sites and lure victims into sharing personal and financial information.

  • Step 2

Using this stolen information, they look for opportunities to defraud when the user is not socially active.

How to prevent social media fraud:

  • Use a separate email address for your social networking sites. Many such sites use your email address to identify you.
  • Do not use the same username and password for your social networking sites as those you use to access your Al Hilal bank accounts.
  • Never share personal information such as user IDs, PINs and account numbers on social media sites.
  • Create a screen name that doesn't reveal too much about you.
  • Be careful when clicking links. Even if the message appears to come from a friend, contact the sender directly to make sure it's authentic if you are at all suspicious.
  • Post only information that you are comfortable for others, including strangers, to see. Regard all information posted on social media sites as public and permanent.
  • Use privacy settings to limit access to your information.
  • Never post any information that could help thieves steal your identity, such as your address, phone number or even employment information.
  • Use a unique password for each of your social networking profiles. Ensure that these do not match the passwords used for banking and other sensitive activities.

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