Juice Jacking

What is juice jacking?

Juice jacking is a type of cyberattack involving a public charging port. While these public chargers are indeed a big help when the battery of your mobile device is drained, such ports may also be designed to steal your data or to automatically install malware in your device.

How it happens

  • Step 1

Scammers install malware into a specially modified charging port.

  • Step 2

When you plug your mobile phone or other device into this modified charging port, the malware is installed on your device. The malware allows the hackers to access sensitive data via your phone — including contact details, emails, messages, photos, private videos and sensitive financial credentials.

How to prevent juice jacking

  • Carry a power bank, as this is the safest and most convenient solution.
  • Avoid USB charging in public places. Rather search for an electrical outlet, as data such as malware cannot be transferred in this way.
  • Should you have no choice but to charge your device with a public charging USB port, first power off the device and then plug it in. Powering off the smartphone will prevent the transfer of data.
  • Try to use a cable that can only be used for charging and not for data transfer.

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